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Eng Course- Singer Sewing Machine No. 66- Download Free PDF


Main Parts
Parts of the Machine Stand
Instructions for Operating the Machine
To Ensure Perfect Action of the Machine
To Take Out the Bobbin
To Wind the Bobbin
To Replace the Bobbin
To Set the Needle
To Thread the Needle
To Prepare for Sewing
To Commence Sewing
To Remove the Work
To Regulate Tensions
To Turn a Corner
To Regulate the Length of Stitch
To Regulate the Pressure on the Material
To Sew Flannel or Bias Seams
A Stitch to Ravel Easily
To Oil the Machine
The Belt
Machine WOrking Heavily
To Avoid Breaking Needles
Breaking of Needle Thread
Breaking of Bobbin Thread
Skipping of Stitches
Attachments with the Machine
Instructions for Using the Attachments
Foot Hemmer
-- Hemming
-- Hemming and
Sewing on Lace
-- Felling
Adjustable Hemmer
-- Hemming
-- Wide Hemming
Binder -- Binding
Bias Gauge
-- To Bind with Dress Braid
Ruffler -- Ruffling Between Bands
To Ruffle and Sew On
-- Five Stitch Ruffling or Paiting
Ruffler with Shirring Plate -- Shirring
Under Braider
Embroidary and Darning
Relative Sizes of Needles and Thread
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