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Eng Course: Medical Ethics Manual: Download Free in PDF


It is incredible to think that although the founders of medical ethics,
such as Hippocrates, published their works more than 2000 years
ago, the medical profession, up until now, has not had a basic,
universally used, curriculum for the teaching of medical ethics. This
first WMA Ethics Manual aims to fill that void. What a privilege it is
to introduce it to you!
The Manual’s origin dates back to the 51st World Medical Assembly
in 1999. Physicians gathered there, representing medical associations
from around the world, decided, “to strongly recommend to Medical
Schools worldwide that the teaching of Medical Ethics and Human
Rights be included as an obligatory course in their curricula.” In line
with that decision, a process was started to develop a basic teaching
aid on medical ethics for all medical students and physicians that
would be based on WMA policies, but not be a policy document
itself. This Manual, therefore, is the result of a comprehensive global
developmental and consultative process, guided and coordinated
by the WMA Ethics Unit.
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